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Frontier Organics, LLC

“Quit Buggin’ Me!” Insect Repellant

“Quit Buggin’ Me!” Insect Repellant

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Embrace the great outdoors without the unwelcome company of bugs with "Quit Buggin’ Me!" Insect Repellant. This all-natural, organic formula is your shield against pesky insects, allowing you to enjoy every outdoor moment in peace. Crafted with a keen focus on both efficacy and skin health, our repellent combines nature's most potent botanicals with nourishing oils to keep you protected and your skin pampered.

**Grass-Fed Beef Tallow**: Beyond its deep moisturizing benefits, grass-fed beef tallow is rich in nutrients that nourish the skin, providing a smooth base for our repellent without the harsh chemicals found in traditional products.

**Coconut Oil**: Known for its skin-conditioning properties, coconut oil also acts as a natural barrier, enhancing the repellent's effectiveness while keeping your skin soft and hydrated.

**Beeswax**: Serving as the perfect natural thickener, beeswax also helps to stabilize our repellent, ensuring it stays on your skin longer for extended protection without clogging pores.

**Citronella**: A time-honored repellent, citronella's distinctive scent is unappealing to insects but pleasantly refreshing for humans, making it a key player in our bug-fighting arsenal.

**Eucalyptus**: Recognized for its ability to ward off mosquitoes, eucalyptus adds another layer of protection, complemented by its invigorating, clean aroma.

**Lemongrass**: With its strong, citrus scent, lemongrass is not only effective at repelling bugs but also offers antibacterial and antifungal benefits to keep your skin healthy.

**Geranium**: This sweet-smelling oil is particularly disliked by ticks and mosquitoes, making it an essential ingredient in our blend for its dual role in repulsion and aroma.

**Peppermint**: Known for its cooling effect, peppermint oil also repels a variety of insects. Its minty scent refreshes the senses and invigorates the skin.

**Rosemary**: Rosemary's woody fragrance helps to repel bugs, while its antioxidant properties support skin health, adding resilience against environmental stressors.

**Lavender**: Loved for its calming scent, lavender oil is not just soothing for the mind but also discourages insects, making it a gentle yet powerful component of our formula.

With "Quit Buggin’ Me!" Insect Repellant, step into nature with confidence, knowing you're covered by an effective, skin-loving barrier. Enjoy your adventures, big and small, with our blend of nature's best, designed to protect you and your loved ones from unwanted insect guests.


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